Immigrate to Canada Through Marriage – Marry a Canadian Woman

Immigrate to Canada Through Marriage – Marry a Canadian Woman

You can migrate to Canada by marrying a Canadian Lady. Normally migrating to Canada through other programs requires years of experience in a particular field of work.

You may need to compare your professional or university degrees and many other things, but marrying a Canadian girl will make it impossible for you to move to Canada without hassle.

You can start a family reunion application from the Canadian embassy in your country, and marriage is the fastest way to get the papers you need to immigrate to Canada.

Obtaining Canadian Citizenship and Residence Through Marriage:

The non-Canadian party shall apply for permanent residence with the support of the Canadian Party as the Canadian spouse or spouse.

The Canadian authorities shall consider this application within 6 months to one year. During this period, the Canadian Ministry of Immigration will confirm the seriousness and credibility of the marriage.

The marriage must be natural, and its purpose is to marry as such, and not being interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship is his real goal. Getting married in Canada just needs to find the right Canadian partner without needing higher degrees.

All you need is the credibility of the Canadian girl and her acceptance of the idea of ​​marriage through online dating and social networking sites.

Find and Choose a Canadian Wife:

Many young people turn to girls from Canada on social networking sites such as Facebook or marriage sites to get to know Canadian girls for marriage and get to know each other’s personal information, such as age, family status, place of residence, and hobbies until they arrive.

The Canadian girl often looks for a young man who appreciates married life and understands family responsibility.

The marriage of a Canadian girl will give you residence in Canada at a secret time. The record is according to the State of Canada Act family gathering.

Family Gathering Procedures:

After agreeing with the Canadian partner on the idea of ​​marriage, you can start the family gathering procedures after documenting the marriage contract through one of the two methods:

  • You can obtain a visa to visit Canada, conclude a marriage contract in Canada, and then apply for a visa extension and transfer it to a residence after you have authorized the marriage to the Canadian authorities to extend your stay in Canada at the request of family reunification in Canada.
  • The Canadian girl visits you in your country, where the marriage contract is concluded, and you must submit the marriage contract to the Canadian embassy in your country to obtain the Canadian visa.

When a person who lives outside Canada is married to a Canadian woman, the Canadian law does not reject this but allows the married couple to reunite and live together in Canada according to the laws of which the goal of marriage is to build a family and not the goal is only the migration that many people take as an excuse to get to Canada and then the separation is done!

This is not welcomed by the Canadian government parties to be aware of these cases will be deported to your country of origin.

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