Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Beginner Tips

Dragon Ball is one of the longest running series in gaming. Dragon Ball: Unexplored Dragon came out in 1986, but you’re not here for the history of Dragon Ball games. offer advice.

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You may already know the Xenoverse 2 tips and tricks on this list, but Z Fighters will help you fix your timeline and train with the series’ iconic characters to refresh your memory and give you the best run yet. It is always recommended that you

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Ten Completed Xenoverse saves help

While not required plot-wise, completing the Xenoverse will skyrocket your career as a Time Patroller. First and foremost, all the skills you accumulate in the first installment can be converted into in-game currency. This is a great way to start on your right foot.

Also, the game’s plot mentions a point about the previous main character, so when you save the file, statues of the Xenoverse characters are placed around Conton City to help you as you fly around the city as a Time Patroller. You get recognition.

9 Garment Growth and Decrease Statistics

Clothing items are all the rage, but in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, they help power up your characters. So don’t forget to check those stats when you’re shopping at the store or when you finally find a piece after winning a parallel quest.

You may find that your favorite clothing line ruins your character building. It can be pretty frustrating if you’re struggling to get used to a character’s fighting style.But hey, nobody’s stopping you from building around your clothing choices.

8 Tutorial missions are important

Admittedly, tutorial missions can be boring. We all want to skim them and get to the juicy part of the game, especially in fighting games like Dragon Ball games. But in Xenoverse 2, tutorial missions are really useful. They will teach you various in-game tricks to speed up the game if needed.

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Remember, the only way students can beat their masters is by learning from them.

7 Combo inputs can be queued

Long lasting combos are one of the best feelings in fighting games. It’s a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor, especially after doing all the tutorial missions.

When playing Xenoverse 2, you can queue up combos. So don’t mash buttons and wonder why the special move you envisioned isn’t happening. Patience, young Z fighter. This is how you save your timeline, and only you can do it.

6 Not worth balancing stats

When a game has RPG elements, most people tend to balance their stats, giving their characters a wide range of skills that are useful in any situation. This is not the case with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. You need to focus on your preferred fighting style and enhance it like there is no tomorrow.

If you like using Ki Blast super to boost that stat, don’t worry about leaving the rest behind. will be grateful to.

Five Friendly AI subpar, enemy AI OP

The never-ending dilemma that comes with gaming companions is whether Ally AI can really help you, or is it just there to pat you on the back after you’ve done all the hard work?

Ally AI is not very useful in Xenoverse 2. They are usually there for moral support. Especially while doing quests/figure events that can’t be KO’ed, on the flip side, the enemy AI can be a little too overwhelmed, making your allies a bit frustrated.

Four Unlocked characters scale with your level

We understand the desire to have all of Xenoverse 2’s playable characters on the roster in a hurry. However, you should be aware that all unlocked characters will be scaled to your current level.

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So unlocking Goku Black when the character isn’t strong enough yet proves that Goku isn’t ready to fight the best fighters in the game. Unlock the character if you feel like it.

3 Height and weight affect stats

When you first create your character, you might focus on your appearance. However, when completing heroes, you must remember that your build affects gameplay.

Height increases health more than speed and gives extra hit points, but speed is reduced. While the weight balances ki and striking. So don’t take this for granted when you’re trying to perfect your new Time Patroller.

2 You don’t need a scouter to check enemy skills

Over 9000! That’s true, but what do you think? You don’t need to add a scouter to your rig to see enemy stats and skills while playing Xenoverse 2. Finding them is a very easy task.

I think Bandai knows that all Dragon Ball fans don’t want to look like old-school Saiyans. That’s why we made it so that you can check your skill by locking the enemy while pressing the left arrow on the pad.

1 To attack enemies behind you, just tap their direction

With a 360° combat range, you’ll have to beware of enemy attacks coming from all angles. If you notice enemies behind you, the best way to counter them is to tap in their direction. In this way, you will face them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Getting it right the first time can be frustrating, but you got this. You are the new Time Patrol hero we need today!

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