5 Tips for Playing as an Elf

A montage of different subraces of Elves, from Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Fey wonders are an important part of high medieval fantasy games, and Dungeons & Dragons is no exception. Elf, who started out as a class in the first edition, is one of the most famous and powerful races the game has to offer, and playing as one of them is pure joy. Here you can … Read more

Tips for Toem Beginners

Featured image of Toem Beginner's Tips

Sometimes it’s nice to have an adventure without the big conflicts that are bothering players. Toem A fun exploration game. Players travel through multiple areas and take pictures of different landmarks and individuals. RELATED: Toem’s Best (and Worst) Along the way, you’ll be encouraged to assist the residents of these regions with specific camera-based quests. … Read more

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Blitzcrank Wild Rift collage of art and item loadout

quick link Learn About Item Loadouts League of Legends: Wild Rift has a lot of champions, but they mostly fall into broad categories that cover specific roles within team scenarios. These are marksman, mid, top, jungler, and arguably the most important role, support. This is the focus of our guide – Blitzcrank, an arm-stretching mechanical … Read more

Reduce Social Media Stress with These 9 Tips

Every journalist has a social media horror story. Whether it’s a minor spelling mistake, a breach of objectivity, or online beef, the prevalence of social media in journalism today makes very public missteps almost inevitable. What if we had better tools to avoid mistakes, or at least reduce our fears that we’d accidentally make them? … Read more

Tips for Homeowners — Security Today

Tips for homeowners Fall is here and it’s time to rethink home security wade gibson September 19, 2022 Now that summer vacation is over and the skies are getting dark early, it’s a good time for homeowners to check the security of their homes. Security systems help consumers keep their properties safe and … Read more